What Can You Put in a Dumpster Rental?

What can you put in a dumpster rental

Homeowners often ask “What can you put in a dumpster rental?” Nearly anything that isn’t dangerous to the dumpster or the environment can be thrown away. These are some items you can safely put in your dumpster rental.

Household Garbage

It is okay to toss common household garbage in dumpsters. You can throw all non-hazardous household items, including furniture and appliances, in the dumpster. Household garbage that isn’t hazardous like siding and shingles is also safe.

Wooden Furniture

You can safely dispose of wooden furniture in a dumpster. Common wooden furniture items include tables, chairs, coffee tables, and end tables as well as bed frames and frames. Most landfills will accept any untreated wood.


You can dispose of appliances such as blenders, toasters, coffee brewers, microwaves, and blenders in the dumpster. There are different rules depending on the appliance that you want to dispose of, such as refrigerators or washing machines. It is almost safe to throw smaller appliances in a dumpster rental.

Yard Waste

You can usually dispose of yard wastes such as leaves, branches, and sticks in a rental dumpster. You can toss anything organic and non-hazardous, even if there is a lot.


Dirt is generally acceptable, but when it comes to soil contaminated with chemicals, you can’t them throw out. Find out what other options your community has for recycling soil instead of dumping it.


If they can’t be recycled, computers and other electronic devices are acceptable waste items. However, this only applies to disposable e-waste in small quantities. E-waste with larger amounts generally requires a different disposal method. Check out the Texas e-waste regulations and rules.

Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline can be safely disposed of in both dumpsters and landfills. Recent manufacturing regulations have made it clear that mercury has been removed from batteries. This makes them safe to be disposed of along with other waste materials.

Empty Aerosol Containers

As long as the aerosol cans are empty, you can throw them away. Even the smallest amount of aerosol cans leftover could explode, so landfills and trash companies won’t accept any aerosol products that are still in use.

Demolition Debris

You can throw away drywall, brick, concrete, and stone as well as tiles in a dumpster. Be aware of weight restrictions as heavier products can quickly add up.

What You Can’t Throw in a Dumpster Rental

There are restrictions on what waste can be thrown in a dumpster rental. These limitations apply to both the environment as well as the dumpsters.

Air Conditioners and Refrigerators

Freon is a dangerous refrigerant used in refrigerators. Freon must be completely drained in order to make fridges safe for disposal. This often requires professional assistance. Freon, which is also used in many air conditioners makes them unsuitable for disposal. Even more recent refrigerants, such as Puron, can also be harmful to release.


Tires aren’t allowed in landfills. This makes them unacceptable additions to dumpster trash. The methane gas that fills the hole at their center can cause landfill chaos and lead to them becoming contaminated. Instead, bring tires to an auto shop or similar place for recycling.

Paint and Lacquers

It is not safe to dispose of wet paint or lacquers. You can dispose of empty paint cans containing dry remnants, but only after all product has dried. You can also pour latex paints in an absorbent material, and let it dry before disposing of them.


Dumpsters are not allowed to contain adhesives. A full dumpster could burst, leaking glue. We don’t want waste to stick to the walls of our dumpsters.

Non-alkaline Batteries

Tossing batteries that contain lithium or any other alkaline is not safe. This includes large batteries for boats and RVs as well as any generators powered by batteries.

These batteries can emit harmful fumes and chemicals if they are placed in a compressed environment such as a landfill.

Hazardous Materials

Examine all trash items for hazards symbols. You should not add any hazardous materials to your dumpster if you find them. For instructions on how to dispose off hazardous materials, you can refer to the packaging. You might also consider recycling.

Medical Infectious Waste

For dumpster disposal, syringes or contaminated materials are not allowed. Also, it is not permissible to dispose of anything containing blood or other fluids. For information on medical waste disposal in Texas, please contact the Texas State Resources.

Hot Water Tanks

Hot water tanks can explode in landfills. They can often become clogged with gas, making them dangerous to dispose of. They are therefore not permitted to be thrown into a dumpster rental.

Resins and Inks

Inks and resins are not recyclable because they have the same properties as glue. Ink cartridges can easily burst and rupture, spilling contents and contaminating products.

Oils and Fuels

You cannot dispose of oil or fuels in a dumpster rental. You should check with your local government to determine what disposal options are available.


If they aren’t contaminated with asbestos, household waste and construction debris can be safely thrown away. To make matters worse, you can add contaminated material to your dumpster. For your safety and that of others, asbestos must be removed by professionals.

Used Household Cleaning Products

You should not throw most cleaning products in a dumpster rental. For information on safe disposal, please refer to the packaging. Most detergents can be dilute and poured down the sink.

What You Can Sometimes Throw Away

To determine whether you can throw away the items in the following list, you will need to be familiar with state regulations. A quick Internet search will help you find out.


Stumps are a heavy and unwieldy piece of waste that is often banned from landfills. One might be fine, while others may not.

Upholstered Furniture

Many landfills ban padded and upholstered furniture. Some landfills allow it, but it is important to verify.

Food Waste

It may be illegal to accept large amounts of food waste. Some states prohibit food waste in small amounts. To ensure proper disposal, make sure you check your state’s rules.

A compost center is a good option if you are going to be eating a lot of food. Food waste can cause methane to build up in landfills, which is one of the most harmful gasses for the environment.

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