How Much Is a Dumpster Rental?

How much is a dumpster rental

When it comes to dumpster rental, homeowners always ask “How much is a dumpster rental??”. One factor is the size of the dumpster that you can rent. This refers to the volume of debris that it can hold. Just get an idea of how much waste you have and you can decide which size would be better for your budget.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Dumpster Rental

Dumpster companies can work with homeowners as well as commercial clients who approach them with diverse needs. The price can be affected by everything from the length of the rental period to the amount of trash disposed of.

Types of Dumpster Rental Service

You should take a look at the different types of dumpster rentals before you order a standard roll-off dumpster for large home renovations. A company that offers dumpster bags, or just hauls away your junk may be able to help you. If you are unsure, contact your potential dumpster rental company to discuss your project and ensure that you get the right fit.

Roll-Off Dumpster

On average, a roll-off dumpster will cost $200-$800 per week. This is the most popular type of dumpster. It has a large volume, short walls and an open top. These dumpsters are great for large construction debris such as wood, siding and drywall, yard waste, wiring, foam, flooring, roofing, small appliances, and wire.

Trash or Residential Dumpster

A small residential dumpster (or trash) costs between $100 and $300 per week. The trash dumpsters are smaller and more suitable for home improvements such as tearing down a wall or scrapping flooring.

Dumpster Bag

This dumpster alternative can be purchased at your local hardware shop for $30. Then, your local waste management firm will pick it up for a flat rate of $100-$180. These bags can be folded and placed in your driveway. You can fill them with up to 3300 pounds of debris or 3 cubic yards.

Junk Removal Service

You can also hire a junk hauling company for an average cost of $150-400. Although they won’t usually haul large amounts of construction debris, they can pick up used furniture and similar items. You just need to place your junk in one location and call the pickup company.


There are two types of dumpster sizes: small residential dumpsters or large roll-off dumpsters. Many companies will indicate the size of their dumpsters in cubic yards and the maximum weight they can hold in tons or pounds.

Smaller dumpsters, such as those that hold up to two cubic yards, look a lot like small dumpsters you might find behind a business. These dumpsters are perfect for small home renovation projects such as removing bathroom tiles or cleaning out the spring garden.

Below, we’ll break down how much a dumpster rental costs by size.

Types of Rental Companies

You can save money by choosing a local company to rent your dumpster. Rental companies will charge between $300 and $800 per week. Because local companies are more convenient to pick up and deliver and have lower overhead costs, they tend to charge less. National chains may have more options for dumpsters, which can prove helpful in rush situations or when there is a lot of work.

Rent Duration

Although companies are not allowed to offer lower daily rates due to the high cost of delivery, pick up and disposal, long-term rentals may be more affordable. The average weekly rate ranges from $350 to $550 while the average monthly rate is $500 to $1,200.


Even if all the permits are required for your construction project, they may not cover the use of a dumpster. A separate permit for dumpster use may be required, which can cost anywhere from $10 to $100. For more information, contact your local building department.


Your dumpster rental costs will be affected by where you live. Although you might not notice any significant differences in prices, some locations may have higher rates than others.

Types of debris

Costs can be affected by the type of debris that you are disposing of. Different rates may apply to yard waste, construction debris and general refuse.


A dumpster company will also specify the safe weight of each container. A two-cubic-yard dumpster can hold 400 pounds, and it costs $75 to $125 per week. A large, 40-cubic-yard dumpster can hold up to six tons and costs you between $75 and $125 per week. To avoid overfill fees (about $200) or exceeding the landfill’s accepted weight, it’s important that you work with your dumpster company.

Additional Factors That Impact Dumpster Rental Costs

There are many factors that influence the final cost to rent a dumpster. Some of these expenses are included in the rental price, while others are not. These are the main cost factors when renting a dumpster:

Overtime: Late Fees Are Usually $5-10 per Day

Overloading: To avoid overload fees of $40-$100 per tonne, talk to the company and arrange multiple pick-ups.

Hazardous waste disposal: Although you can’t dispose of hazardous waste in a dumpster, your company might offer hazardous waste services for an additional fee.

Trip Fee

Some companies may also charge a flat fee per visit in addition to the standard rates. It is important to choose the right size dumpster as multiple trips can lead to higher costs.

Flat Rate vs. Variable Rate

Some dumpster rentals have a flat fee that covers pickup, rental, fees and any other costs. These rates will usually have guidelines regarding the weight and type. These items will be charged separately at variable rates, which could end up costing more or less.

Landfill Fees

A landfill or tipping fee is the cost of dumping junk in a landfill. The average fee for dumping junk at a landfill is $20 to $50 per tonne, but fees can vary depending on the state and local regulations. Most dumpster rental companies will automatically add the cost to your rate. However, in some cases you might have to pay an additional fee after they weigh the dumpster and assess any fees.

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