Can You Put a Mattress in a Dumpster

Can you put a mattress in a dumpster

Disposing of an old mattress needs to clarify what your options are. You may have considered tossing it in a dumpster, but is that even allowed? Can you legally dispose of a mattress in this way? The answer is simple. No one should throw a mattress in the dumpster. Just because something can fit inside doesn’t guarantee its safety; even if it is allowed, that doesn’t always mean you should.

Can I Throw a Mattress in the Dumpster?

No, you should never put a mattress in a dumpster. Due to safety hazards and local regulations, certain items cannot you cannot dispose of anything by throwing them in a dumpster.

If you need clarification on whether or not you can dispose of an item in a dumpster, contact your local public works department for guidance on things that generally cannot be dumped.

In the meantime, let’s review what you can and cannot throw in a dumpster. We’ll also clarify whether mattresses can be thrown away in a dumpster and provide a more straightforward option for mattress disposal.

What Can I Throw Away in a Dumpster?

Most everyday items, such as home decor, clothes, and linens, can be thrown away in a dumpster. Demolition and construction waste like wood, metal, bricks, concrete, and drywall is also accepted for disposal in dumpsters.

Cardboard boxes, paper, storm debris, yard waste, aerosol cans, small appliances, and heavy debris such as wood scraps can all be recycled if desired. Wallpaper tiles are an option depending on where your tile supply comes from!

Keep in mind that some municipalities have local waste ordinances which could prohibit mattress and junk removal companies or dumpster rental services from disposing of certain items which are typically accepted.

Contact your local public works department to obtain official information regarding disposal regulations in your area.

What Can You Not Throw in a Dumpster?

Disposal regulations vary between cities or municipalities, but there are certain items you cannot throw away in a dumpster. This regulation is usually due to hazardous waste or potential damages that could harm the container.

Below is a list of items that typically cannot be thrown in a dumpster but can instead be disposed of through your local recycling center or sanitation department.

  • mattresses
  • refrigerators
  • tires
  • propane tanks
  • paint & paint cans
  • food waste
  • car batteries
  • household cleaners
  • hazardous materials
  • light bulbs
  • electronics
  • pesticides & herbicides
  • printer cartridges
  • air conditioners

Suppose you don’t need more patience to transport these items to a landfill or transfer station. In that case, PAR Hauling Solutions offers pickup services so you can dispose of away your unwanted stuff in an eco-friendly way – usually through donation and recycling nearby.

As you may have noticed, mattresses are among the items you cannot throw in a dumpster. You cannot put a mattress in a dumpster because it can be difficult to dispose of and may contain bodily fluids, bed bugs, and other biohazards that should never be disposed of.

Mattresses must be appropriately disposed of, so if you need to discard your old bed, be prepared to haul it off to the local landfill or recycling center.

Another more straightforward option is hiring a junk removal company to pick up and dispose of your old mattress properly. These professionals have experience properly disposing of bulky items like mattresses or couches and possess access to equipment and resources not available to the general public.

Disposing of a Mattress

Unfortunately, getting rid of an old mattress can be challenging, no matter where you live. Many regular garbage removal services will haul away certain bulky waste items when requested and scheduled for particular pickup, but they won’t pick up a mattress left on the curb.

Donating your unwanted mattress to a local charity can be an excellent way to do some good in the world.

If you’ve already attempted to donate your used mattress set, you likely know that charities cannot and will not accept it, even if it is still in its original packaging.

You may have to transport your mattress to a landfill or recycling center to dispose of it properly.

Given that renting a truck, finding someone to help you, paying expensive fees, and potentially not being physically able to carry the mattress around may not be an option, disposing of an old mattress yourself may not be possible. So what should you do with it?

Avoid the hassle and frustration of mattress disposal by calling a reliable service like PAR Hauling Solutions to take away and responsibly dispose of your old mattress set.

Choose a Local Mattress Removal

By booking an appointment with PAR Hauling Solutions to haul away and dispose of your old mattress, you save a ton of time and energy, and money; PARHauling Solutions charges affordable disposal services in your area.

PAR Hauling Solutions is a local removal company and dumpster rental company offering convenient and affordable mattress hauling service on the day of booking. We only use eco-friendly disposal methods.

PAR Hauling Solutions guarantees affordable and honest pricing before booking your pickup. This means there will be no unpleasant surprises when our team removes your old mattresses or furniture (as is often the case with other haulers and removal companies).

Schedule Your Pick up Today

When you need to get rid of an old mattress, box spring, bed frame, furniture, or any other junk, call PAR Hauling Solutions. We will do everything possible to ensure your mattress disposal experience is the best part of your week!

Are you still uncertain? Contact one of our customer advocates and take the guesswork and hard work out of mattress disposal by booking an online pickup today!

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